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Established businesses and organizations of multiple kinds have found my services useful. Most often, this has been when either there was a vacancy in a new client's marketing or communications department, or a larger than ordinary project became of urgent need and their own in-house staff was unable to tackle it. I have worked on pieces as large as 20' x 20' trade show booths and outdoor billboards ... and designed items as unique as water bottle labels, magnets, compact discs or even kitchen cutting boards.


Per Project or Monthly Retainer

I am available to assist on either a per project basis or by an ongoing monthly retainer for a prearranged average of hours of expected use. (Note: even under a retainer agreement I require more than 48 business-hours notice for any given request of service prior to a deadline. This is necessary for me to juggle multiple clients' needs at a time.) Business hours are 9 AM - 4 PM EST, Monday - Friday.


I offer both copy writing and graphic design services under both agreement types. Contact me today to discuss your current project, or your need to hire my long-term assistance on a monthly basis.


Examples of clients who have successfully used me in this way include: construction companies, small businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, technology companies, universities, event-planning companies, marketing companies, hospitals, and other health care companies.


Who Am I Not a Good Fit to Work For?

After several years in business I have determined I am not a good fit for those who really need to hire their first in-house designer to complete their day-to-day needs, especially those who have needs which frequently need to be completed in less than 48 hours. In order to stay in business as a freelancer I must juggle multiple clients' needs. On any given day I likely have at least part of my day pre-filled with project requests from one or more other clients.


I will occasionally tackle projects with less than 48 hours notice, but depending on the size of the request, and my availability at the time, I may need to add a rush charge. (You can always ask for a fast turn time ... but if I am not available to fulfill it I need to be able to say I'm not available - even in a retainer situation.) I am able to work best with clients that either request projects farther in advance than 48 hours or who have more flexible deadlines.


Business Favorite Services

• Logo Creation / Brand Management

• Advertising (print and digital)

• Cient Prospectus or Proposals

• PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation Design

• Brochure or Booklet Design / Ordering

• Newsletter Writing and Design (internal and external)

• Blogging

• Trade Show / Event Materials (Booths / Posters / Related Advertising)

• E-mail Design

• Employee Recruitment Materials

• Flyer Design ... and more!

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